Sunday, March 16, 2008

CPS#56 - Spring Fling

Spring is just around the corner and so we thought we would usher it in with a few Easter and Spring Designs this week! And here is this weeks sketch!

CPS #56

CPS Designer Ideas

Designer Sherry Wright

Paper Salon Sorbet papers
MMBI fabric sticker
Petaloo flower
Technique Tuesday chipboard
Doodlebug gems
Vintage lace
Clearsnap inks
Beacon adhesive (Zip dry)

Spring Joy Card
Designer Anabelle O'Malley

Cardstock-The Paper Company
Patterned Paper-Pink Paislee (Spring Fling Line)
Vintage Image-Crafty Secrets
Buttons-Autumn Leaves
Ink Ranger

Designer: Linda Beeson

Solid Cardstock – Worldwin Papers
Patterned paper – BasicGrey
Pearl brad – Art Warehouse
Embossing plate – Cuttlebug (the pink flower is cut from a pink piece of paper that was embossed with the same design)
Gloss Finish – Aleene’s Paper Glaze
Oval punch – McGill
Scallop scissors – Family Treasures
Rub-on letters – Making Memories
Fluid Chalk stamp pad - Clearsnap


Diane D. said...

I love all four of these - great job, ladies!

Jane Carroll said...

great sketch

here's mine

hugs jane x

Susie Blackwell said...

I'm late again , Here's mine for #55......

I'll be back later with #56

Susie xx

jennifer said...

Am I the only one who doesn't see any pics?

DeeDee said...

Although I can't see the new pictures....I bet they are GREAT!! Here's my try at the new sketch:


horseygal said...

thought it was just my puter, I can't see pics either :(

danni said...

I can't see pics either, sorry girls, I'm sure they are gorgeous. The sketch on the right side comes up though.

Etha said...

nope, no pictures :(

Susie Blackwell said...

Here's mine for #56......

Susie xx

Lea L. said...

The image thing is being worked on...not sure what is going on! Bear with us everyone! :)

Kazan said...

oh good I thought it was me. Whew! Will try and whip up something tomorrow. Lovely sketch though :)

Natty said...

I can't see the pics, but I have managed to catch up with #54, #55 and even #56 here:

Sharon said...

Nice to see all the pictures of the lovely card back.
Mines at:

Nany said...

my first here.. Thanks for looking

danni said...

Love this sketch, beautiful!

My attempt is here:


Kazan said...

Problem fixed! The Designers cards are all super!

Here is mine for #56

Have a luck St. Patties Day everyone

Katie Skiff said...

Finally made a card

Jenn & Tyler said...

I came across this blog by googleing blogs with hand crafted cards. I have been asked to make a packet of misc cards for a church auction that will benefit the young women in our church. I have been looking for ideas (I'm feeling like I'm in a rut, samo samo.) I absolutly love this blog, you and whoever else make darling cards! I'll be sure to add this to my favorites!

Rosanne said...

Lovely cards! My take on sketch 56 is on my blog

SmilynStef said...

Great sketch and wonderful design team cards. Here's my Inking the Cuttlebug creation:

~dawne said...

Really enjoying all the design teams work. Very inspiring.

Here's mine w/new love & spring going hand-in-hand:)

Maren said...

Such gorgeous cards!! Love the sketch this week too!
Here is mine:

Samm said...

Gorgeous cards and fab challenge!

Here's mine:

by Samm: My new Tilda Magnolia stamp - Sassafras again


Annette Scholtz said...

Great girly sketch! love it - here is my version

cardsofmariablog said...

Here is my take on sketch 56

Lynda said...

Here's mine! Fantastic sketch!


Looby said...

what a gorgeous sketch! My card's here:

Lou x

Regan said...

heres my attempt!!!

great sketch- thanks

Kim said...

Fab sketch....

here is my take....

Aura said...

Here is mine.

jennifer said...

Beautiful cards as always.

Here's mine:

Happy Spring!
Happy Easter!

Jess said...

cute work ladies! here's mine:

Laura Davis said...

Beautiful cards ladies!!! & great sketch Tami:)
Here is mine: The post is, " Happy Easter"
A Day in the Life of the Paper Poppy.
I hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!

StamperSharon said...

Finally got my card done for this week:

Thanks for looking -- great sketch (I had to turn it landscape to get all my image in though)!

Raquites said...

This is my first time completeing a sketch here. Love the site, and look forward to doing more.

Carmen said...

It was a wonderful sketch, here's my interpretation:

Rachel said...

Thanks for another great sketch!

Mine is Here

disa said...

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