Monday, April 7, 2008

Hybrid CardMaking—getting started

Hybrid CardMaking—getting started

Yesterday I went into an introduction of “hybrid” cardmaking. Which is simply using your computer equipment alongside your scrappy and stampy products to create a card.

Today we will look at getting started. Basically, all you need is a computer and a printer to get started.

One of the most popular elements of hybrid designs is a digital kit. Digital kits are typically designed for scrapbookers but can easily be used to create cards as well. One of the best places to start looking for these kits is the Digital Top 50. Just like the scrapbooking and stamping Top 50 this site lists digital sites in order of popularity. Many of these sites offer free samples as well as those that you can buy.

So, you’ve found your kit. Now what? One of my favorite sites is Shabby Princess so I will use their newest kit to illustrate the next steps.

Begin by clicking on the image of the newest kit on the first page.

That will bring you to the download page. Here you will want to click on each of the four numbers to download the complete kit. You can all click on the top image to download it all at once, but I prefer to get it in pieces in case something messes up so I don’t have to start over completely.Being by clicking on #1.

Once you click you the download box there there will be a pop up box asking what to do next.

Check the Save to disk box and then click “ok”

Then you should choose where you would like to save the file and click save. I put mine in a folder called “Digital Kits” and then into subfolders by site.It is nice to have them sorted to where you know where they came from, then it makes it easier to give credit when using them.

Your download will then start. Once the download is finished go to the file folder where it was saved. Right click on the file name and then click “extract all”. A window for the “Extraction Wizard” will pop up . Click the “next” button to begin unzipping the file and get it ready to use. .

The next screen gives you the option where to save the files. I typically use the default setting which saves it in the same folder as the original. (you can move it later). Once you have chosen the destination. Click “Next”

Once the files are “extracted” click finish. You are now ready to use them!!

To use the new files, begin by clicking on the folder that you just created. (The regular looking one, not the one with the zipper). This will show you everything in the folder. This particular file has a variety of embellishments as well as the terms of use, a preview of the kit and also a contact sheet. Which is great to print out and keep handy for future reference when looking for an image.

If you are just beginning with digital and not familiar with programs such as Photoshop the easiest way to use the images is to simply print them out. For this example I am printing the patterned paper from file 1.

Double Click on the image you want to print. That will bring the image full view. On that screen click on the printer icon below the image.

That will cause the Photo Printing Wizard to pop up. Click the Next button.

Check the image(s) you want to print and click next

Select your printer and set the printing preferences to suit what you are printing. (I am using my HP Photosmart printer on the highest resolution.) Then Click next. You will then see the size options. Select the size suitable for the card you have in mind then click next to print.

You now have your digital element on paper and ready to use on your non-digital card!! Aka-Hybrid ;)

Here are a couple of the designs I made using elements I downloaded from the internet. The first card is a simple card using a patterned paper that I printed out from a kit. I used Photoshop to slightly alter the colors so match my stamped image but you can also use any coloring tool to do this as well.

The second card is a slightly more advanced version. For this card I used the downloaded elements along with Photoshop to create my card and then printed it out on photo paper and adhered it to a 4x9 cardstock card.

Keep Your Head Up
Designer Tami Mayberry

Cardstock: **Prism Papers
Riley the Moose and greeting stamp: Hanna Stamps
Patterned Paper: Digital Kit from Two Peas in a Bucket
Ink: Clearsnap and Ranger
Dew Drops: Robin's Nest
Machine Stitching
HP Photosmart printer
Gem-Tac Adhesive: Beacon
Copic Markers

Designer Tami Mayberry

Cardstock: Prism Paper
Photo paper and Photosmart Printer: HP
Sweet Sprinkles Digital Kit: Shabby Princess
Greeting: K. Pertiet (downloaded from internet)

Hopefully this will help get you started trying out some of the great digital kits available for use in making hybrid cards. Stay tuned throughout the week for more ideas in incorporating your computer into your cardmaking.


Charity Hassel said...

super tutorial Tami!

Melissa said...

Amazing tutorial Tami! Thank you so much!

Anabelle said...

Love these cards Tami. And the tutorial is sooo helpful!

Susie said...

Wow! What a wonderful tutorial, especially for someone like me that's just beginning to learn this stuff. I'm printing if off to save. Thank you SO MUCH!

Jane Carroll said...

great tutorial and samples

here's mine (an atc instead of a card)

hugs jane x

Keri Lee Sereika said...

WOW Tami!!! Great tutorial!!! And cute cards to boot!

Kelly G said...

thanks for the awesome tutorial... I would have loved it last week....

Love your stuff!!!

Susie Blackwell said...

Im daft will be back later with a Hybrid version!!!!!!!!!
But in the meantime I made this one!

Susie xx

Mrs_Tiggy said...

Thanks for this challenge. I've done digital scraping before, but never used my kits for paper card making. This was a great new challenge. Here is my card

Laura said...

This is terrific Tami! Thanks for putting together this GREAT information!!! :)

Rein said...

Pretty cards ladies!
Here is mine:

Kathleen said...

Here's mine---my first "hybrid"---thanks for pushing me a long!

Sonda T said...

ok cool is this!? Thanks so much Tami. I always thought I had to print an image direct from photoshop. What a great shortcut! WOOHOO!! Hugs!