Monday, June 16, 2008

Finishing Touches

Tami has made it easier to find our past tutorials by including the links on the side of the blog.
Today Laura has shared some fantastic ways to add the wow factor to cards:

Sometimes I look at a card that I’m working on, and I try to figure out how to give it a little more POP, and how to achieve a more polished look. I get such good ideas and find my own creativity growing and stretching by really studying the work of those I admire, so I have enlisted the help of some of the lovely CPS designers and their beautiful creations to point out some ideas that can help us all take a card from OKAY to STUNNING!

My first idea is to add something unexpected. It might be a splash of color, some bling or glitter, or really any element that catches your eye, and gives the card some POP!

I love that Kandis made these fantastic glittered flowers - but the leaves also help to make this card really stand out. The creases for added dimension, and the way they hang off the side of the card, really give the card something extra.

Tami made this cute card . . .and without the unexpected touch, it would still be cute. But in my opinion, the white dotted line really adds a fun and unexpected touch!

Lea’s card shows the power of COLOR! The pop of teal on this card really stands out against the white and yellow. I love this! Lea’s card also demonstrates my next idea. . . adding a border.

Adding a border can be as simple as layering cardstock or patterned paper, as seen on Lea’s card but a border can also be created by inking the edges, sanding the edges, stitching, dots, or scallops. Here are a few examples:

I love how Anabelle roughed up these edges!

The skinny blue border on Debbie’s card adds definition between colors, and around the edges. It really adds definition to this sweet card!

How about Melissa’s shaped border? This makes an already gorgeous card REALLY POP!

Melissa’s card also demonstrates the last idea I’d like to share. The rule of THREES. Three points of interest will cause the viewer’s eye to continue moving around a piece of art – whether a painting on the wall, or a card on your desk! Melissa has three great elements in the corner of her card, all contained within that bold border. I love it!

Keri’s card works so well together because the main image, bow, and sentiment form a triangle which causes the card to flow so nicely. Imagine the card with one of those elements moved, or missing. It just wouldn’t look quite right!

Debbie’s card shows off three repeating shapes – the three circles keep your eye moving around this card. (And the button flowers are so darn precious!)

I hope that these ideas will give you something to think about the next time you are stuck on a card. Remember that these ideas also apply to scrapbook layouts, and really almost any art project you work on! Thanks for looking at some of my favorite cards with me!


Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is a fabulous tutorial Laura...I can't imagine how long it took you to get it all together!

Delaney Gates said...

This is wonderful! Very helpful indeed. :)

Linda said...

WOW! You pointed some really great design ideas. Love how simple you made it seem to add some WOW factors.

Handmade cards said...

Especially love that glittered flowers.
Can we exchange links ? Thanks!

Cathy said...

Great ideas! Well written!

Anabelle said...

Awesome tutorial, Laura! Great ideas. ;)

Smriti said...

Those are very insightful tips - TFS!