Monday, July 28, 2008

Creating Shaped Cards

Ya better shape up... because I need a...

oh, woops... stop singing Charity, and just share your tutorial already!

Need to get into shape? No, I’m not talking about starting a diet or exercise routine! I mean shaped cards! I thought I’d share a few ways you can make fun, shaped cards!

First, the circle shaped card.

1.Choose the paper or cardstock you want to use and fold in half.

2.Find something circular to use as a template (I’ve used plates, cups, etc for this).

  1. Place your circle template onto your folded paper. Make sure the circle template hangs slightly over the top fold of your card- that way your card won’t be cut in half (not that I’ve ever made that mistake!)
  2. Trace your shape onto the folded cardfront.
  3. Cut the circle shape out, again make sure you don’t cut thru your fold at the top of the card.
  4. If you do make a mistake and cut all the way thru… I have used flip flop fasteners to hold a card together at the top instead..

Voila! A circle shaped card. (Thank you Melissa for letting me use some photos of this technique in action from you!)

What about using shapes you have in your stash of patterned paper?

Have a large star or other shape that you could cut out? On my you rock card, I had a piece of patterned paper with a large star. First, cut out the star and place on a piece of cardstock, folded in half. Make sure one side of the star overlaps the folded edge and then glue the star to the front of your card. Next, carefully cut around your star (cut the extra cardstock off, be sure you only cut the top of the card so you can see the back of the card.)

There you have it! Just decorate the inside of the card as you wish and you have a fun, shaped front to your card!

Next, a fun shape! There are so many great templates online for making shaped cards. I made my cowgirl boot from a picture-drawing I found online. I printed it up and used it for the shape of my card. When working with shapes try to plan ahead and figure out where the card will actually connect- where will the fold be. In the case of my boot, the most logical place for the fold was along the heel of the boot. I folded my cardstock in half and then ligned the back heel of the boot along the fold of the card, then cut out the shape.

Happy creating!


TesaB said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!! Love that Elephant card sooooo much!

Tanya said...

Great ideas, fab cards!! Thank you for your tutorials!!!

ScraPerfect said...

Good idea about the stamp!

As for cutting it out: IF you have SCAL for the Cricut, I think you could do this...

After you scan it, import it to inkscape. Export it as an svg and cut it with your Cricut.

Dawny P said...

oooh totally fabulous - thank you for a great tutorial xxx

Linda Beeson said...

Man, I need to think of doing "shaped" cards more often! These are so fun!

Rima said...

I have made my shaped card for your challenge, it can be found here-

Kandis Smith said...

these are so cute Charity! I've loved that cowboy boot one since I saw it in the mag--ADORABLE GIRL!!

Liv said...

Inspiring cards... I've made myself a shaped giftcard...
Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.