Monday, August 25, 2008

All about Rub-ons

This week our tutorial is brought by Lea!

This week’s tutorial is all about rub-ons!! It is no secret that I am a huge lover of rub-ons. They make cards quick and easy to do, which I am all about when it comes to my busy life!

Almost every manufacturer of scrapbooking product out there has a selection of rub-ons. Many of them are jumping on the card bandwagon as well, and now offer rub-on sentiments for cards. My very favorites are the American Crafts Minimark rub-ons. They have a huge selection to choose from, and one set will make more cards than you know what to do with. Some of my other favorite rub-on manufacturers include Basic Grey, Making Memories, 7Gypsies, Glitz Designs, and Urban Lily.

The first way you can use rub-ons is easy. Just add them to your card as the sentiment!

Another way to use rub-ons is to make them just part of your sentiment. I do this a lot when wanting to layer items together to give the card more dimension, or if there is a certain item I want to use that doesn’t quite complete the sentiment.

I am a huge fan of cards with a really clean and graphic feel to them. Rub-ons can achieve this style really easily. Focus your entire card on the rub-on that you want to use, and then build the card around it. Here are a few examples of some that I have done this way.

*Note on this card, I used not only the megaphone rub-on as my main element…but also used rub-on sentiments and border to complete the card.

One of the last ways that I use rub-ons is as an added pattern or accent to the card. There are so many great background and flourish rub-ons out there, and they give such a great finish to your card. Both of these feature brand new rub-ons that Glitz Designs is releasing this summer. Let me tell you…these rub-ons go on like butter. They are so easy to use!

Now that you have seen some examples on how to use rub-ons, I also have some tips when it comes to applying them.

1. Cut out the rub-on from the sheet it came on. It makes it so much easier to place it where you want it, and you won’t accidentally mess up the other rub-ons on the sheet.

2. I don’t like to use Popsicle sticks to apply rub-ons. The plastic applicators that come with the American Crafts rub-ons work so much better because they have a fine tip on one side, and a flat tip on the other. Depending on the details of the rub-on, having both options is the best.

3. When applying rub-ons, I always draw a light pencil line with a ruler to give me a guide. This way you won’t apply it crooked, and then you can just erase the line.

4. If you don’t like how the rub-on looks after you apply it, put a piece of gift wrap tape over the top of it. Lightly rub over top of the tape with your fingernail and then gently lift the tape up. It should pull up most of the rub-on so you can start over. If after a few times trying with the tape doesn’t get it all, use a little bit of undo to get the rest of the rub-on residue. It will come right off.

Now it is time to break out those rub-ons you have sitting in your stash and put them to use!! Rub-ons are a fun and easy way to add something extra to your cards!


Keri Lee Sereika said...

Ok Lea...this is the best rub on tutorial ever! Well done, great tips! Thanks to you and Charity for doing this weeks tutorial!

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Lea these are amazing, great tutorial!

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Awesome tutorial, Lea!!!! Thanks for such great tips!

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