Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CPS#78, Part 2

CPS Designer Ideas:

Sweet Little One
Designer: Sherry Wright

Melissa Frances paper and sticker
Pom Pom trim Clearsnap ink
Zip dry adhesive by Beacon

Designer: Linda Beeson
Cardstock – Core’dinations
Patterned papers and matching label stickers – Scenic Route (the leaves are cut from one of the prints)
Rub-on words and design – Making Memories
Rhinestone – Me & My Big Ideas
Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint – Tulip
Machine Sewing
Fluid Chalk stamp pads - Clearsnap

With Sympathy
Designer - Anabelle O'Malley
Cardstock-The Paper Co.
Patterned Paper-Pink Paislee
Stamps-Pink Paislee, Paper Salon
Rubons-Pink Paislee
Felt-Queen and Co.
Jewels-Queen and Co.

Inside View:

Cheers to You
Designer Keri Lee Sereika
***Cardstock: Fero Exclusives; Brilliant White, Baby Pink Med Prismatics - Prism Papers
***Stamps: Main Image - Innovative Stamp Creations; Sentiment - Cornish Heritage Farms
Ink: Onyx Black & Smokey Grey Versafine - Tsukineko
Pink Dottie Ann Magic Mesh
Mini Rick Rac - Creative Impressions
B&W Ribbon - Michaels
Professional Hot Fix Applicator, 4mm Crystal AB Crystalina Crystals - Kandi Corp


Marie said...

Gorgeous cards, ladies!!

Shirley said...

What wonderful cards, ladies, and what a great site. Thank you for sharing your artwork.

Debbie said...

Fabulous cards!! I have just found your blog and this is my first time taking part - hope i have done it right! :)

Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

Fantastic cards and great sketch! heres my card

Terrie B x said...

You can find my card for this weeks Challenge on my blog ladies...


`Thankyou` for all your Inspiration ...
Your creations are `beautiful` as always...
Have a great Week:)x

shelly said...

beautiful cards!

GinaP said...

really great cards, all of them! I have two super-faves, that card by Linda Beeson and your pink Cheers card... both are just my style! Love them!! Super job, everyone!!!

disa said...

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