There have been a lot of questions about how things work around CPS. So we decided it was time for the CPS FAQ. This will also be added to the side bar for future reference ;) If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us for more info.

Question: When are new sketches posted?
Answer: New sketches are posted on Sunday mornings along with 3-4 design ideas. More design ideas are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Question: I want to contribute samples to designs and play on challenges but I do not have a blog. Can I still send jpgs, etc.?
Answer: You do not have to have a blog in order to participate. Simply upload your card to your favorite online gallery and leave a link to that page in the comments section.

Question: How long do we have to complete a sketch challenge?
Answer: There is no time limit. You can complete any sketch at any time. If you do complete a sketch from a previous week, please leave the sketch # in your comment as well so everyone knows which sketch it was from.

Question: I was wondering how to download some of my work to your site or if it's based on a specific design team that you have chosen.
Answer: The cards posted on the site are designed by the CPS designers. If you would like to share a card please post it on a blog in online gallery and leave a link in the comments section.

Question: What are reader updates and when are they posted?
Answer: Reader updates are made up of all of the links left in the comments section for the week. The list is usually compiled on Friday and set up to be automatically posted early Saturday morning.

Question: Why was my card not included in the reader updates?
Answer: Many times the list is composed and set up on Friday to post on Sautrday. If you do not see your card listed it was probably posted after the update was scheduled and will be added in with the next week’s updates.

Question: Where should I post my link?
Answer: You can post your link in any post after the reader updates. Basically that would be any post between Sunday and Friday. Please be sure and post a direct link to your card, not just the blog or gallery it is in so readers do not have to search for it.

Question: How are the reader spotlights chosen?
Answer: The reader spotlights are chosen by the CPS Designers on a rotating basis. Each designer chooses a design that catches their eye for some reason.

Question: How are CPS designers chosen?
Answer: CPS occasionally has an open call for design team members. Applications are sent in and the designers chosen. On occasion we will also ask a designer based on past participation and designs. We typically look for things such as creative use of sketches, good photography, a unique style and past participation.

Question: My card is not exactly like the sketch, is that ok?
Answer: Yes! The whole idea of a sketch is to be a starting point. Feel free to rotate the sketch, leave off an element or change the position of the layers. It should be obvious you used the sketch but “tweaks” are always welcomed. Make the design *you*. It is always great if you let readers know how you changed the sketch as well.

Question: Can I use your sketches for my online contest?
Answer: We are almost always happy to give permission for the sketches to be used for contests. We do ask that you contact us prior to the contest for permission and link the sketch back to CPS.

Question: Who are the CPS designers? Where can I find more of their work?
Answer: You can learn more about the CPS designers from reading their personal blogs linked on the right. You will also see many of their designs in the major scrapbook and paper craft magazines including those listed on the right.

Question: Where can I find more sketches?
Answer: If you look on the right side of the blog you will find a link to the CardMaker’s Sketchbook with more of the same style sketches as well as a link to the gallery of all past sketches.

Question: I would like to sponsor CPS, how can I do so?
Answer: We typically take 2-3 sponsors each month with 1 or 2 weeks sponsor free so the designers can use their choice of supplies. Currently CPS is booked through the rest of 2008. We will be opening up spots for 2009 later in the year. If you would like more details or to be put on the wait list you can contact us through the link on the right.

Question: How can I get my blog listed on your “blogs that link here” section?
Answer: Simply email (link on the right) with your blog address and we will add you to the list when we are updating it.

Question: I would like to learn to do a certain technique. Do you have a tutorial for that?
Answer: Links to all the past tutorials can be found at the right. If you have a technique you would like to see featured please free to email us and Charity will see about getting it on the schedule. If you have a technique you have done and would like to share on the CPS site please email us with the details.

Question: Do you only use the CPS sketches for cards?
Answer: No. We also occasionally feature the sketches being used for scrapbook pages and altered items. Those are typically posted on Fridays.

Question: Can I post your sketches on my blog?
Answer: We ask that you contact CPS for permission before posting any of the sketches seen here on another site.

Question: Do you have a blinkie I can use on my blog or message board posts?
Answer: Yes, you can find it on the right side of the blog. Simply right click and save it to your computer in order to use it on your blog or board.

Question: Can I get blog updates via email?
Answer: Yes! There is a link on the right to subscribe and get all updates to the CPS blog via email. (Note they automatically emailed out one day after they are psoted on the blog) 

Question: Who do I contact about CPS?
Answer: When you email through the link on the right the emails go to Tami, owner of CPS. If you would like to contact a particular designer please visit their personal blogs for a contact link. 

Question: Do I have to use the sponsor product on my card in order to participate?
Answer: No. We use the product in order to show you something new and different that you might not ahve had the chance to see in the past. You are free to use any product your heart desires!